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What are the Best Classes for Mastering Node.js?

There is no programming language that is used more throughout the world than Javascript. The Node.js framework took JavaScript from client-side scripting to allowing developers to script dynamic web pages on the server-side. Node.js is rated the most popular JavaScript framework for developers. It allows the use of just one programming language, a boon to start-ups and those just getting their feet wet in full-scale development. Node.js is also available in multiple versions to facilitate working on different types of projects. Switching between them can be easily done while in the development process. All of these outstanding features can be learned in any of the best classes for mastering Node.js.

Anyone who is planning a career as a developer should start mastering Node.js right away. With the recent release of Node.js 16 and the upgrade of the V8 Javascript engine to 9.0, there has never been a better time than now to start learning how to use this powerful framework. Online classes abound and there are many good ones from which to choose. 

What Is the Node.js Framework?

Currently developed by the OpenJS Foundation, Node.js revolutionized programming in JavaScript upon its first release in May of 2009. Ryan Dahl originally authored this cross-platform, back-end, open-source, runtime environment for JavaScript. There are versions for both Windows and Linux/Mac. They are available to download on GitHub.

What Are the Advantages of Node.js?

Because Node.js can script dynamic web pages completely on the server side, it eliminates the need for a developer to use one language for server-side scripting and another for client-side scripting. With only one set of scripts necessary, it also saves developers a considerable amount of time, allowing them to get apps onto the market more quickly. This is important in the competitive field of software development.

Although they may not ever be aware of it, Node.js also benefits clients. They don’t have to download any script to run in their browsers. This eliminates the possibility of problems with the code on the computers of laypeople who would have no idea why their machines were not running properly.

With its ubiquitous use in programming, anyone planning a career as a developer must know Node.js to be successful at any level. For eager students, there are many online courses that teach Node.js scripting. They range from classes suited to beginners all the way through the most advanced topics. Learn which classes are considered the best by software experts.

What Are the Best Classes for Mastering Node.js Online?

Beginner, intermediate, advanced classes on the use of Node.js are available at reasonable prices for aspiring full-scale developers. Learn about twelve of the best of them.

1. Learn Node.js: The Complete Course for Beginners

The text-based learning platform Educative offers this interactive course for those just starting out. It works right in the user’s browser so it is not necessary to download and install any software to execute code. There are 31 lessons included in the course. This Node.js online class begins by teaching the student the internal workings of the software. Features such as multithreading and event loops are also explained.

As the course continues, students learn more of the fundamentals of Node.js. This includes essentials such as global objects, file systems, and the buffer class. In the second half of the course, the student learns advanced Node.js concepts such as events, packages, and modules. Upon completing the course, the student’s new skills are tested by creating a web application for food delivery. Coupled with the assessments given after each new skill is learned, the test ensures that students can add Node.js as a skill on their resume. The course is available at Educative.

2. Complete Node.js Developer in 2021 Zero to Mastery

Offered by ZTM Academy, the Complete Node.js Developer course was created by one of the best web developer teachers, Andrei Negoaie. Just as the name implies, it takes the student from total beginner to confident mastery of the Node.js framework. The course is one of the most up to date available, so students learn to use the most current versions of Node.js and don’t spend time working with versions that are no longer relevant.

Once the basics are learned, the student moves on to learn the skills necessary to become a full-stack or backend developer. With this competency, students can build modern, professional apps utilizing the latest Node.js versions. There is also a project-based section in the course. In addition to Node.js, the students learn to use RESTful APIs, GraphQL, and Express Framework to build a NASA space launch program. It’s an excellent choice for those who enjoy working on projects. The course is accessed at the ZTM Academy website.

3. Express JS Fundamentals

The Express JS Fundamentals course is offered by Udemy, the online teaching site with courses on everything from business skills to playing various musical instruments. One of the best features of this course is that it is free. Geared toward complete beginners, students learn how to develop RESTful web applications using Node.js and the Express JS framework.

Although a beginner’s course, it is helpful to know the basics of Node.js before taking it. As Node and Express are commonly used together by developers, the skills acquired in this course provide a valuable foundation to anyone wishing to develop web and mobile applications. This course is available on the Udemy website.

4. Learn and Understand Node.js

Udemy also offers an in-depth course called Learn and Understand Node.js. This is an excellent class for both beginning and intermediate web developers. Created by Alicia Anthony, this course starts with the essential Node.js concepts such as pipes, streams, and buffers.

As the course progresses, it goes further into teaching how Node.js functions. Students use Node to build a web server and come away with a thorough understanding of how it works. Other material covered includes working with files and using the event emitter. Students also learn how asynchronous code functions in Node.js in this Udemy course.

5. Introduction to Node.js

Pluralsight instructor Samer Buna created the Introduction to Node.js specifically for beginners. It is an excellent course for those with no prior experience with Node. The class begins by teaching students the history and background of Node.js. This can be helpful in understanding how it functions. Students go on to learn how to modularize their applications with npm and how to write asynchronous code utilizing callbacks and streams.

Toward the end of the class, students are instructed in the use of built-in APIs and third-party modules for creating web applications. The course provides a solid foundation for further study. It is available on the Pluralsight website.

6. NodeJS – The Complete Guide (MVA, REST, APIs, GraphQL, Deno)

The Complete Guide is another one of Udemy’s outstanding courses. AcadMind’s Maximillian Schwarmuller, the creator of the Angular Complete Guide, also put together this comprehensive Node class. It begins with detailed instruction on the basics of JavaScript and Node.js. This makes it a good course for beginners as well as intermediate-level developers.

The course moves on to advanced skills. Students learn to build server-side web applications that work with databases such as MongoDB and SQL. The class also provides instruction in the use of REST APIs and GraphQL APIs, so the student comes away with a thorough understanding of the Node.js ecosystem. The course also presents the new Typescript-based runtime, Deno.js. The class is accessible at Udemy.

7. The Complete Node.js Developer Course (3rd Edition)

Created by Andrew Mead, Udemy offers The Complete Node.js Developer Course, which has one objective. It aims to turn its students into professional developers who can use Node.js to develop, test, and deploy web and mobile applications. Its comprehensive approach makes it quite possibly the best online Node.js class.

Beginning with detailed instruction on the fundamentals of Node, the course advances to in-depth learning on essential tools such as MongoDB, ExpressJS, and Mongoose. Using modules, writing asynchronous code, understanding file systems, and debugging Node are all topics thoroughly covered. Students create a weather app to learn server-side scripting techniques to make the app available on user browsers. Udemy has the course available on its website.

8. Node.js, Express, MongoDB & More: The Complete Bootcamp 2021

Yet another Udemy course, The Complete Bootcamp 2021 is no less impressive than its other offerings. This course is hands-on and project-based and is a hit with those who prefer that learning style. Students learn Node.js inside and out by building a real-world web application and a RESTful API. The application is thoroughly built from scratch, providing experience in how things work in the development world.

The course covers the entire backend stack including Node, Mongoose, MongoDB, and Express. Encryption, sanitization, and other security processes are also part of the curriculum, as is getting the finalized application to production. For a beginner who wants to become a master, this class should be a part of the journey. Access it at this Udemy link.

9. Learn Nodejs by Building 12 Projects

Yet another project-based class from Udemy, Learn Nodejs by Building 12 Projects is ideal for developers who are familiar with other server-side programming languages and wish to learn how to build web applications using Node. 

The class is thorough. In addition to Node and npm modules, it covers:

  • Asynchronous programming
  • HTML/CSS frontend technologies
  • Database ORM
  • NoSQL database
  • Column databases
  • Kraken Layer
  • Express Framework

The process of building 12 projects is an excellent way for the student to learn Node the way it is used in the real world at Udemy.

10. Node.js: Advanced Concepts

Udemy does it again with Node.js: Advanced Concepts, created by Stephen Grinder. As the name implies, the class is aimed at students who are familiar with Node basics and ready to take on the more advanced concepts. Students will master Node skills such as:

  • The addition of automated browser testing with continuous integration pipeline setup in a Node server
  • Using clustering and worker threads to significantly improve Node server performance
  • Comprehension of every stage of an event loop
  • Using AWS S3 to apply file uploads and scalable images to an app
  • Using caching for MongoDB with Redis to increase the speed of database queries

Developers can achieve mastery with the completion of this class on Udemy.

11. Angular and Node.js – The MEAN Stack Guide [2021 Edition]

The 2021 edition of The MEAN Stack Guide is offered by, yes, Udemy. Another Maximillian Schwarmuller creation, this class is geared toward students who aspire to become full-stack developers. In addition to learning to use Node.js to create backend applications, students also learn Angular for working on frontend projects. It’s another good choice for students who like to learn by creating projects. The curriculum includes:

  • Learning how Angular functions and integrates with backend apps
  • Building applications with both Angular and Node.js
  • Connecting Node.js backends with Angular frontends
  • Using ExpressJS as a Node.js framework
  • Using Mongoose along with MongoDB in data interactions on the backend

Anyone who plans to become a fullstack JavaScript developer should seriously consider taking this course. It is available from Udemy on this page.

12. Node.js API Masterclass With Express and MongoDB

The Node.js API Masterclass, created by Brad Traversy, is another course offered by Udemy. It is also hands-on and project-based. Students learn to use Node.js, Express, and MongoDB to create real-world applications such as a directory app. A backend app is created using RESTful API and is fully functional, giving students a taste of real-world developing. Other skills taught are:

  • Mongoose and Express Middleware (Auth, Error Handling, Geocoding)
  • API Security, Deployment, and Documentation (XSS protection, Rate Limiting, NoSQL injection)
  • JWT/Cookie Authentication
  • Fundamentals of HTTP (Status Codes, Req/Res Cycle)
  • Advanced Mongoose Queries

This class lives up to the name masterclass as students who complete it can be confident in their Node.js skills. It provides the training and preparation to enter the field of software development.

Why Is OSS Protection Vital?

One of the most important things a new developer must learn is that Node.js script is as subject to vulnerabilities, unwanted licenses, and license conflicts as any other open-source software. These kinds of problems can wreak havoc with a project. The necessity of security cannot be overstated. It is not optional. SOOS provides an effective and affordable solution to security issues with its software composition analysis. It is easy to use and its seamless integration with Node.js makes it an excellent addition to the developer’s tool kit. It also integrates with these languages:

  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Java
  • .NET

Software composition analysis works equally well with these frameworks:

  • Atlassian Bamboo and Jira 
  • Circle CI 
  • TeamCity CI/CD
  • Amazon Web Services CodeBuild
  • Travis CI
  • GitHub Actions
  • Microsoft Rocket

SCA Features

SCA was designed with features to protect the developer throughout the building process.


SCA is on watch while the developer is building. It catches and fixes vulnerabilities, preventing them from reaching production. All it takes is integrating the toolset with the CI/CD pipeline — effective, fast, and most of all, easy.

Security Analyst

The list of known vulnerabilities contains over 100,000 entries. Our SCA software is on the job continuously throughout the build process, monitoring for every one of these security vulnerabilities. It detects any that are present and displays the total number of vulnerabilities. It also shows which projects are vulnerable and the severity of each vulnerability. All the security information a developer needs is together on one dashboard.

Legal Analyst

License exposures are common in the development of new apps. There can also be conflicts and unwanted licenses in use. Any of these can result in a lawsuit or other unwanted legal consequences. SCA’s legal analyst feature locates any license exposures or conflicts, displaying them and bringing them to the developer’s attention. A nice feature is the historical record in which the developer can choose any time frame and see all vulnerabilities and license exposures detected within it. It’s a tool that every serious developer and software company should have.

For those who wish to become full scale developers, there is no programming language more important to know than Node.js. It is the heart of JavaScript and its capabilities make it essential for developing dynamic web pages and online apps. Fortunately, for the aspiring developer, there are many online classes that teach the basics and beyond. With all these choices, a student should have no problem finding a course that suits their needs.Whatever their knowledge of Node.js, developers and software companies must employ cybersecurity. They can be protected from vulnerabilities and license exposures with SOOS’s SCA.

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