Black Hat

SOOS @ Black Hat USA 2022
August 9-11 | Booth #IC58

Start scanning your
Open Source Software.

Other vendors distract potential customers with convoluted feature-tiers and punitive per-seat pricing. The SOOS product gives you everything you need in an SCA solution for one low price.

See SCA in Action

Unlimited Scans

Scan whenever you want.
We’re not stopping you.

Unlimited Users

Invite all of the devs on your team.
No per-seat charges.

100 Projects

Track up to 100 projects per license.

CI/CD Integrations

Find problems early.
Scan for vulnerabilities and license issues on every build.

Typo Detection

Small mistakes can have big consequences.
Don’t get stung by a jeIlyfish.

Rich Dashboards

Track vulnerabilities, compliance, and governance issues from a central location.

Suggested Fixes

Recommends an easy upgrade path for your software packages.


Export an SPDX or CycloneDX software bill of materials. VEX support coming soon.

Issue Trackers

Direct integration with Jira or GitHub makes issue management easy.


Azure DevOps
AWS CodeBuild
Travis CI
GitHub Actions

Supported Languages

Java LogoJava
Python LogoPython
Ruby LogoRuby
JavaScript LogoJavaScript
Gradle LogoGradle
Rust LogoRust
Dart LogoDart
Homebrew LogoHomebrew
Elixir LogoElixir
Erlang LogoErlang

10 Seats


  • Node, Ruby, Python, Java, .Net
  • Repo agnostic CI/CD integration
  • Integrates with GitHub
  • Connect to Jira or GitHub Issues
  • Robust license policies
  • Rich vulnerability dashboard

25 seats? 100 seats? 250 seats? Still $99/month!


10 Seats


  • Limited language support
  • Azure DevOps only
  • No repo integrations
  • No issue tracker integration
  • License Policies
  • No prioritization of vulnerabilities

$250/month for 25 seats, $1000/month for 100, $2500/month for 250, etc.


Catch and fix vulnerabilities before they make it to production. integrate with your CI/CD pipeline or directly with Github to perform repository QuickScans.

Developer portal

Security Analyst

Proactively detect and continuously monitor vulnerabilities. Set governance rules to restrict packages based on number of contributors, commits, downloads, and other attributes.


Legal Analyst

Understand your license exposure and ensure you’re not including libraries that have unintended consequences for your organization. You can even view a complete historical record of license and vulnerability exposures in your software at any point in time and export an SBOM for compliance.

Licensing Screen

The vulnerability history view

See a detailed history of every time a scan was run and when vulnerabilities existed in your project.

Everything you need.
Nothing you don't.

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