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This is the plan for your whole team. Actually, it's our ONLY plan, so you don't have to waste time comparing other vendors' endless feature and price tiers. Includes every feature we offer plus unlimited projects, unlimited users, and no scan limits.

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To get these features

  • Support for multiple languages
  • GitHub integration
  • Robust license policies
  • CI/CD integrations
  • Connection to issue trackers
  • A rich vulnerability dashboard

you'll pay:

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10 Seats


10 Seats


10 Seats


50 Seats


50 Seats


50 Seats


*Pssst. It'll probably cost even more than this. You're in "Enterprise" pricing territory past 40 seats. Congrats!

100 Seats


100 Seats

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100 Seats

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Security’s not an option.
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See how our all-in-one, fixed price tool made for everyone compares to the limited feature set and
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$99/month for your team

  • check mark logoNode, Ruby, Python, Java, .Net
  • check mark logoRepo agnostic CI/CD integration
  • check mark logoIntegrates with GitHub
  • check mark logoConnect to Jira or GitHub Issues
  • check mark logoRobust license policies
  • check mark logoRich vulnerability dashboard

25 seats? 100 seats? 250 seats? Still 99/month!

Competitor 2 Features

$100/month for 10 seats

  • x logoLimited language support
  • x logoAzure DevOps only
  • x logoNo repo integrations
  • x logoNo issue tracker integration
  • x logoLicense Policies
  • x logoNo prioritization of vulnerabilities

$250/month for 25 seats, $1000/month for 100, $2500/month for 250, etc.

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