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Open Source License Management

SOOS provides a deep dependency tree scan of your open source package and their accompanying licenses and presents that information in an easy-to-use dashboard.

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Open source license management can be difficult and time-consuming. SOOS makes it easy to find all the license types included in the open-source packages, libraries, and components of your project, as well as their dependencies. SOOS provides proprietary license attribution definitions that make it easy to spot open source license difficulties for commercial applications, web applications, internal applications, patentability, source modifications, installable applications, and attribution information.

Want to collect all the open source license names and open source license text in one place? SOOS makes that point-and-click easy by including that as options in the generation of the Software Bill of Materials (SBOM). SOOS stores the history of the project to give you the ability to understand the open source license changes over time.

Want to keep your company safe from unruly license use?

SOOS supports point and click rules and an open source governance package to eliminate the guesswork of which license types are allowed. SOOS allows you to exclude or include open source license types like BSD, CC, MIT, GPL, GNU, LGPL, OGL, OLDAP, and ZPL along with dozens of other license types.

SOOS seamlessly integrates with your code repository, CI/CD pipeline and workflow management tools.

License management setup is fast and easy so that you can start real-time scanning for open-source license information in minutes. License issues can be automatically put into the workflow system for your development team to address.

Open source license libraries supported

Open source languages/package managers supported: Python/PiPI, Node/NPM, RUBY/RUBYGems, Java/Maven, and .NET/NuGet.

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