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No Limit Web App Scanner

SOOS DAST integrates into your build pipeline and consolidates DAST test results with SOOS SCA scan results in a single powerful web dashboard.

See DAST in Action

Scan Web Apps or APIs

Scan web apps and APIs defined by OpenAPI, SOAP, or GraphQL

Domain Scanning

No domain limits


No limits on concurrent scans


Full CI/CD integration

Controlled Environment

Containerized solution runs in your environment with Docker

Vuln Scanning

Includes SOOS SCA for OSS vuln scanning and license management

Unified Dashboard

Manage issues via unified web dashboard shared with SOOS SCA

Issue Management

Issue manager support and push issues to GitHub’s Security Panel (Jira and GitHub Issues)

No Hidden Fees

Add more devs. Scan more apps. Same monthly price


Azure DevOps
Travis CI
GitHub Actions
Includes Core SCA!

Unlimited Seats


  • No per-seat pricing
  • Scan history and audit log
  • Role-Based Permissions
  • GitHub webhooks for scan triggering
  • Native OSS vulnerability scanning
  • OSS License governance
  • SBOM generation

25 seats? 100 seats? 250 seats? Still $298/month!


10 Seats


  • Per seat pricing = more $$ for more devs
  • Nope, pay us more for that
  • Not with this package
  • Not here
  • Nuh uh
  • Ummm, no
  • S-what now?

25 seats $1050, 100 $4200, 250 $10500/Month

SOOS DAST makes it easy to extend the power of OWASP ZAP to continuously test your web app and monitor for potential exploit paths.
Key differences between SOOS DAST and ZAP:

  • SOOS DAST includes SOOS’s world-class SCA tool
  • CI/CD integration with popular platforms such as Jenkins, CircleCI, TeamCity, Azure DevOps, GitHub, GitLab, and more
  • Issue management—native Jira or GitHub Issues support for tracking
  • Includes unlimited Software Composition Analysis scans
  • Graphical scan history for auditing and research
  • Reporting, including SBOM generation
  • Rich web vulnerability dashboard consolidates DAST & SCA scan results
  • Configurable user access levels allow your whole team to access the web dashboard while maintaining “least privilege” principles
  • Robust advisory information and security recommendations
  • Responsive technical support

One low price,
no hidden fees

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