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AWS CodeBuild Vulnerability Code Scan Integration

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SOOS integrates directly into your AWS CodeBuild build and test process to provide a deep dependency tree scan for open source package vulnerabilities, license usage, and governance rules. Automate vulnerability scans in your AWS CodeBuild pipeline when you execute a build or commit a change.


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How easy is SOOS AWS CodeBuild Integration?

It’s easy getting SOOS scans integrated with your AWS CodeBuild workflow and you’ll be up and running in minutes.

In the SOOS App – click the Integrate button in the SOOS menu, choose CI/CD and follow the SOOS AWS CodeBuild Integration directions. Put the SOOS provided files in a directory, set up some environmental variables, add our script to your build configuration and you’re ready to go! AWS CodeBuild integration example scripts and instructions can be found in our SOOS ci-analysis-python Github repository.

What else do you get with SOOS?

  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Scans
  • CI/CD Integrations
  • Typo Detection
  • Suggested Fixes
  • Rich Vulnerability Management Dashboards
  • SBOM generation
  • Open Source License Management
  • Issue Trackers
  • Robust Governance Package

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SOOS supports integration with the following tools



SOOS builds a comprehensive database by following the deep dependency tree of any open source project finding reported vulnerabilities and remediations (including those found deep in open source code project repositories like Github security issues) which is used by SOOS’s cloud-based software vulnerability scanner. This means you don't miss important warnings about libraries/packages you have included in your application. SOOS also supports vulnerability analysis for Node/NPM, RUBY, Java/Maven, and .NET/NuGet

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