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SOOS is the affordable, easy-to-integrate Software Composition Analysis solution for your whole team. Scan your open source software for vulnerabilities, control the introduction of new dependencies, exclude unwanted license-types, generate SBOMs, and fill out your compliance worksheets with confidence–all for one low monthly price.

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What you don't know can hurt you.

You can’t fix security risks that you don’t know about. Think you don’t have open source security exposure? A 2021 study of 1,546 codebases by Synopsys found that 98% contained open source software, 84% contained known vulnerabilities somewhere in the dependency tree, and the average vulnerability was over two years old.

It’s not just vulnerabilities that you need to worry about. The same Synopsys report found that of the codebases they scanned 65% had license conflicts. Even big, well-known projects sometimes include licenses they don’t want.

With SOOS’s modern SCA (Software Composition Analysis) tools you can integrate with your CI/CD pipeline to stay on top of vulnerability and license exposure with every build. Or you can run a quickscan on a manifest on an as-needed basis for audits or other ad-hoc compliance work. You can even generate an SBOM in multiple formats to share with your partners.

Speaking of partners, check out a few of the great companies who are already using SOOS to keep their software secure.

"SOOS's tools give us peace of mind, because we know our product is safe and secure.
They've got us covered so we can focus our energy on creating value for our clients."

- Smara Fournier, Union Street Media

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“The SOOS platform provided us with the information we needed to prioritize updating several libraries we use. The result has been spending less time updating libraries while maintaining a more secure platform.”

- Paul Wagner, Inntopia

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"The SOOS tool has been fantastic to work with.
It has helped us navigate the often challenging waters of open source."

- Samuel Graefe, VIP

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