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SOOS @ Black Hat USA 2022
August 9-11 | Booth #IC58

SOOS Revolutionizes Open Source Security with All-Inclusive, Flat Rate Pricing for Teams of Any Size

“All of Our Features, For All of Your Developers, With No Scan Limits, For $99/mo”

Winooski, VT | September 09, 2021 | 02:33 PM EST

SOOS today announced its new software composition analysis (SCA) platform, offering integrated, robust open source scanning for a flat rate of just $99 a month. SOOS’s serverless, cloud-based architecture enables them to offer a significantly lower price than competitors, making open source security accessible to companies of any size.

“We believe all companies should have access to the tools they need to identify open source vulnerabilities” said SOOS CEO, Rich Tarrant. “We are making it easy and affordable for teams of any size to keep end-users safe. This is a seamless and robust tool, at a price-point that makes sense for everyone.”

For just $99 per month, SOOS provides engineering, legal, and compliance professionals with a suite of services to detect open source vulnerabilities and license policy violations. SOOS AI technology fits seamlessly into product workflows to provide immediate notification and remediation of vulnerabilities — all while integrating with your existing toolset.

“No hidden fees, no sliding scales, no pricing penalties when your team is ready to grow,” said Founder and Chief Engineering Officer, Josh Jennings, who began developing the product in 2014. “You get all of our features, for your whole team, with no scan limits, and easy integration, for $99 a month.”

“Peace of mind, without the hassle, means safer software for everyone,” Jennings added.

Integrate SOOS security into your DevOps workflow for just $99/month…

  • Proactively detect and continuously monitor exposures and license issues, within your CI/CD system
  • Understand the impact of using a license with our proprietary scan and take action by implementing easy filter restrictions
  • Set team governance rules to manage certain license types or attributes, including number of contributors, defects, downloads, and more
  • Expand visibility into compliance clauses, monitor device exposure across your network, and keep your vendors honest

“SOOS’s tools give us peace of mind, because we know our product is safe and secure,” said Smara Fournier, senior software developer at Union Street Media. “They’ve got us covered, so we can focus our energy on creating value for our clients.”

“Safety and security are central to everything we do at Beta,” said Josh Auerbach, lead partner at Beta Technologies. “We’ve been using SOOS as part of our development workflow, and are excited to partner with another local company growing good jobs in Vermont.”

“The SOOS platform provided us with the information we needed to prioritize updating several libraries we use. The result has been spending less time updating libraries while maintaining a more secure platform.” Paul Wagner, Sr. Software Developer, Inntopia.

“If you’re not scanning for open source vulnerabilities, you are playing with fire,” said SOOS COO, Tim Kenney. “There’s no reason to risk it. SOOS makes it easy to incorporate the protections you need, so you can code with confidence.”

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